Dublin City Clinic Haemorrhoid Treatment

How does it work?

The treatment itself is very simple and has been clinically researched for over 150 years, with advances in medical technology now making it a mainstream practice.

Our doctors will identify and gently rest a probe on the base of the haemorrhoid(s) present. There is no cutting, stitching or heat applied, meaning no anaesthetic, which are some of the main reasons our treatment is considered low risk.

The device generates a small current of up to 16mAmp, which feels only slightly uncomfortable, though not painful, which stimulates a chemical reaction in the haemorrhoid, creating an excess of alkali which accumulates to seal off the feeding varicose blood vessel.

This results in the haemorrhoid being starved of its blood supply and it shrinks accordingly. Sometimes it may take more than one treatment to complete the process where the blood vessels are fully sealed and the haemorrhoid completely disappears.

The effect of the treatment continues to work over the following 4 weeks, at which point our aftercare team will be in touch to discuss symptom changes and see if any further treatments are required.

External haemorrhoids

External haemorrhoids, as the name suggests are located outside of the anus, or on the anus itself. They are often pink or skin-coloured, soft and not painful, much like skin tags. Sometimes, they can become swollen, itchy or irritated, and very painful if thrombosed, where a clot gets trapped inside.
A lot of people are quite self-conscious if them as they are unsightly and affect hygiene. Exroid electrotherapy is not effective in treating true external haemorrhoids, but we can treat them with cryotherapy if they are a suitable shape and size.
External haemorrhoids are often confused with large internal haemorrhoids that protrude or prolapse through the anus, which can be treated effectively with eXroid electrotherapy. We will be able to make this diagnosis when we assess patients, and advise them on the best treatment plan.
How can we help?

If you have some questions about electrotherapy haemorrhoid treatment or about haemorrhoids in general, you might find the answer in our FAQs.

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Why choose electrotherapy haemorrhoid treatment?


Your electrotherapy treatment takes 60 mins. Effects can be felt within the first week. No referral needed.


The procedure is supported and carried out by the UK’s leading specialist consultant surgeons in CQC registered clinics.



Get back to your life straightaway, with no time off work needed after the electrotherapy procedure.


Electrotherapy is NICE (IPG525 & MIB201) & HPRA approved. Rated as outstanding by the CQC. All Medical equipment is EU approved (CE).

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Haemorrhoid treatment at Dublin City Clinic

• As the exclusive providers of eXroid® electrotherapy in Ireland we are dedicated to providing effective treatment of haemorrhoids

• eXroid® is a state of the art treatment for haemorrhoids internationally, that is safe, minimally-invasive and highly effective

• Our clinic is owned and operated by Irish general practitioners, all fully-trained eXroid® operators

• We deliver diagnosis & treatment within 60-minute appointments, with over 90% of patients returning to work on the same day. No sedation, anaesthetic nor strong pain relief is require

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What eXroid patients are saying:

Gareth Bainbridge
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This has helped me immensely in my day to day life without having to keep using creams and other remedies. I would recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from haemorrhoids.​
Isabelle Elliot
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I would recommend eXroid to anyone that is suffering and looking for treatment. The staff were all very friendly and informative. They were able to put me at ease before and after the procedure and the doctor went through every step with me during my consultation.
Tim White
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An excellent and very professional service. After suffering for years it took an hour to put things right. I would highly recommend the treatment.

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